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iphone screen protector options

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iphone screen protector options

The idea of a digital wallet contained in a smartphone has been around for a while, although the implementation has lacked broad consumer interest. Apple's reluctance to integrate NFC in its iPhones adds another wrinkle. An Isis representative said that iPhone support would come at a later time. To help spur adoption, Isis is touting several incentives. Isis Mobile Wallet customers can use My Coke Rewards and Isis to get three free drinks at select vending machines, while Jamba Juice is giving away 1 million free smoothies to Isis users. Purchases made from an American Express Serve account through the Isis wallet are eligible for a 20 percent discount (up to $200).

Numbers from the fantasically-named Kantar Worldpanel ComTech say 30.5 per cent of British smart phones in the three months up to June were running iOS, up from 25.3 per cent in the same stretch last year, That growth is down to the iPhone 4, the number crunchers reckon, saying that over a third of iPhone 4s iphone screen protector options purchased were snapped up by shoppers buying their first smart phone, By comparison, just one in 10 iPhone 5 phones were snapped up by people who'd never owned a smart phone, the report says..

Separately, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) introduced legislation last month that would establish legal safeguards, and the Federal Aviation Administration recently said that it will "address privacy-related data collection" by drones. Michael Kostelnik, the Homeland Security official who created its drone program, told Congress that the department's drone fleet would be available to "respond to emergency missions across the country," and a Predator drone was dispatched to the tiny town of Lakota, N.D. to aid local police in a dispute that started with who owned six cows. The alleged cow-nabber arrested through Predator surveillance lost a preliminary bid to dismiss the charges.

Ultimately, Movie Touch is kind of a curiosity -- a fun diversion for "Men in Black" fans who like extras, but kind of an insult for those who want the goodies without having to jump through (or pay for) UltraViolet hoops, Your thoughts?, By the iphone screen protector options way, if you're a fan of all things "Men in Black," be sure to check out the "Men in Black 3" game for Android and iOS, It's free(mium), and it's far better than most movie tie-in games, If you like to share clips, read trivia, check out actors' bios, and more while watching the Men do their thing, this is the app for you..

If you look carefully, you'll notice the new Compass app for iOS 7 includes two dots at the bottom of the screen, denoting a second page exists. And if you swipe to reveal that second page, you'll encounter the bubble level. The level works when you hold your iPhone horizontally. Or vertically. And it goes green when you are completely level. For more on Apple's latest mobile operating system, I will refer you to CNET How To's complete guide to iOS 7. (Via The Verge). Did you know iOS 7 includes a bubble level? Well, it does, but it's hiding in a strange spot.

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