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iphone case card holder

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iphone case card holder

For instance, Samsung's aggressive use of essential patents in its lawsuits could come back and haunt it, with the European Union focusing its antitrust lens on the company's recent activity. The EU's European Commission arm is attempting to determine if Samsung is charging unfair rates or holding back on access to patents to stifle competition. The European Commission's decision on Samsung could have a ripple effect on how patents are used in litigation. Frand was set up for the good of the industry. But the essential patents that fall under its guidelines have increasingly been used as weapons, which flies in the face of the original intent of frand. Mueller says frand does allow for a light form of patent enforcement--but not a more heavy-handed approach.

The final word: Flight Update offers some graphical advantages on its rivals and a few unique elements found nowhere else, It's also a keeper, Neat bonus: For some departures, you can look up alternate flights, the airplane's seating chart, and the next scheduled arrival at your gate, Other versions available? A Pro version ($9.99) offers TripIt integration, I tried two other apps, but I wasn't impressed by either one, Here's why, Live Flight Tracker (free) offers a lot of details and a decent map, but it's ad-supported and you'll need to register to get full functionality, I tried to register, but I was quickly iphone case card holder put off by the steps involved, When it asked for my occupation--I'm still baffled why it cares what I do for a living--it wouldn't accept "writer/editor" as a valid entry, even though it was one of the choices in the drop-down menu, Perhaps the developer is trying to say something..

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a musical file format that offers bit-perfect copies of CDs but at half the size. It is compatible with many phones (including the iPhone -- with an app), portable music players (PMP) including the PonoPlayer and hi-fi components. FLAC files are available for roughly the same price as the equivalent MP3 in online stores and sound much better. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Google's Project Fi wants to help you cap your bill, This feature is called "bill protection" and it's Google's version of the unlimited plans now offered by other major carriers, It's not truly unlimited, If you use more than 15GB, Google will start capping your speeds, though the company will let you opt out of slower speeds and pay for extra GBs above 15 at the normal rate, While a speed cap doesn't sound great, the plan actually looks like a good deal for heavy data users without upping the price if you don't use data, iphone case card holder You're basically getting GBs 7 through 15 free of charge, The price and GB cap change depending on how many people you have in your plan, Head to Project Fi's site for details..

Kindle has its best holiday weekend sales yet -- though still no hard numbers -- and Amazon launches a short-fiction publishing shop. Kindle sales keep growing, with Amazon announcing the devices had their best-selling holiday weekend yet, while the company continues to chase short-form e-books with a new publishing shop. The first in a pair of announcements Wednesday, Amazon said last weekend was the best holiday-shopping performance for Kindle so far, with customers purchasing more Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers than ever before.

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