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freddie iphone case

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freddie iphone case

freddie iphone case

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. The iPhone already has an accelerometer that allows users to shuffle songs on the iPhone by shaking it. And the motion-detecting technology has also been widely used by application developers who have incorporated the functionality into games and other kinds of apps for the iPhone. But Apple appears to be moving a few steps further in making motion an even bigger part of interacting with the iPhone. Apple notes in the first of the patent filings that interacting with mobile devices while also engaging in another activity, such as jogging or running, can be dangerous as users might be distracted while they're trying to advance to another song or answer a phone call. The new gesturing technology would try to solve this issue. According to the patent filing.

Second, Google Translate is now seamlessly integrated with Currents, which perfectly complements the new international availability of the app, While you're reading any edition, you can freddie iphone case press the globe icon to automatically translate it into one of 38 supported languages, Finally, Currents now features dynamic sync, which works as soon as you open an edition, This ensures that you have the newest content right in front of you, at all times, Along with this feature, you can also choose to make any editions available for offline reading, While you'll obviously be limited by the storage space on your device, it is a great feature for frequent travelers who may not always get a data connection on planes or trains..

Last Friday, a federal judge in Pittsburgh, Penn., agreed that the broadcasters and sports leagues had a good chance of being proven right in court, and ordered iCraveTV to stop providing access to U.S. citizens immediately, pending a full trial. Lacking a technological way to keep U.S. residents out, iCraveTV temporarily shut the site altogether. iCraveTV could not be reached for comment. On Friday, Craig released a statement that said the company was complying with the U.S. judge's order and "considering all of our strategic, technological and legal options.".

It's interesting to see Samsung drawing level with Apple though -- while the iPhone maker continues to batter Samsung in the courtroom, the South Korean tech giant is pumping out some very cool gadgets, such as the popular Samsung Galaxy S2, The half-smart-phone-half-tablet Galaxy Note goes on sale in a few days time, and we're also looking forward to the Galaxy Tab 7.7, Then of course there's the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which will be the first phone to run Ice Cream Sandwich, the very latest version of freddie iphone case Android..

What's your favorite vision-based augmented-reality scenario from science fiction, company come-ons, or your own fertile imagination?. Augmented reality + visual search = phones that tie the physical and digital worlds together. Mobile-browser maker Layar is about to make augmented reality all that you thought it could be. The company has added visual search to its augmented-reality browser. Point your phone's camera at an object in the real world and an appropriate digital activity will occur on your handset.

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