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ballet shoes victoria wood

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ballet shoes victoria wood

Ally Murphy is a bright and charming Dorothy with a strong voice, and her traveling companions in Oz are an appealing bunch. Playing Dorothy’s pet Toto is a cute little dog, Nessarose, that’s remarkably relaxed and doesn’t show up very often, usually represented by a closed basket instead. Rune Lauridsen is an amiable, animated Scarecrow and Max DeSantis a sweetly lachrymose Tin Man. Robert Sholty gives the standout performance of the show as the comically blustery Cowardly Lion. As in the film, all the magical denizens of Oz mirror people Dorothy knows back home in Kansas, so the Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow also show up as farmhands. Sarah Sloan is a stern, low-key Auntie Em in a metallically glinting silver wig, but she’s also the beatific Glinda the Good Witch, always gliding in slowly on a flying swing. Jim Rupp is a folksy Uncle Henry and the elaborately mustachioed gatekeeper to the Emerald City, and Bruce Kaplan is an endearingly bumbling huckster both as the Wizard of Oz and the traveling fortune teller Professor Marvel. Sheila Viramontes is a sour Miss Gulch and a villainously cackling Wicked Witch of the West.

• Nov, 2014: Inspiring a Shared Vision: Storytelling and Public Speaking, • Dec, 2014: Enabling Others to Act Part 1: Bringing People Together for a Purpose, • Jan, 2015: Enabling Others to Act Part 2: How to Get Your Story Out to the World, • Feb, 2015: Advocacy Pt 1: Commenting on an Environmental Impact Report, • March 2015: Advocacy Pt 2: Working with City Staff and Developers, • April 2015: Advocacy Pt 3: 13 Tips for Interacting with Decision Makers, • May 2015: Encouraging the Heart and Celebrating Participants ballet shoes victoria wood are asked to pay $500 for the cost of food, materials, and venue space for the nine-month program, Reduced price admission and scholarships are offered for those who do not have the financial means to participate in the program otherwise, All applicants will be notified by July 31 if they are accepted into the program, which is organized by Acterra, Green Foothills, Greenbelt Alliance, Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter, and Sustainable San Mateo County..

Take Mr. Party (please!). If what you want is a faithful pillar of moderation, then clearly this wasn’t your guy, and, yes, I’m all for figuring that out sooner rather than later. But if you wanted charm, humor, a few cocktails and a twirl on the dance floor, and were willing to see him as a good date vs. a good bet or liver donor, then why not this guy?. There is no downside to accepting people (or rejecting them, of course) as they are, versus as you want them to be. Starting, of course, with you: When you know what you want and are at peace with it, you can expect to spend precious little of your time feeling torn. Had you been clear with yourself about the pillar of moderation thing, for example, then this guy’s attractive qualities may still have moved you, but probably not pushed you over for as long as they did. Instead you would have had the confidence to boot him after watching the first 10-drink performance.

Of course the tastes of mainstream audiences are not necessarily considered by Academy voters; otherwise a blockbuster like “Toy Story 3” might run away with the top prize, Still, that Pixar coming-of-age animation probably will make the “big list,” as insiders call the 10 best-picture nominees, The speculated ballet shoes victoria wood favorites for that list have scarcely budged in the past few weeks, “Inception,” “127 Hours,” “The Kids Are All Right,” “True Grit” and “Black Swan,” as well as “The King’s Speech,” “The Fighter” and “The Social Network” all turn up, along with a true low-budget wild card like “Winter’s Bone.”..

South Pacific: Foothill College Theatre presents Rogers and Hammerstein’s classic musical. Through Aug. 10; Thursdays, 7:30 p.m.; Friday-Saturday, 8pm; Sunday, 2 p.m. Smithwick Theatre, 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills. $10-$32 ($3 parking). foothill.edu/the atre, 650-949-7360. Midpeninsula Widow and Widower Association: Meets Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Los Altos Lutheran Church, 460 S. El Monte, Los Altos. 408-246-4642. Military Officers Association of America: The Silicon Valley chapter holds a luncheon meeting on the third Thursday of the month. For more information, visit siliconvalleymoaa.org or call 408-245-2217.

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